#1-2022: AI in Audio – Controversy and Opportunity

19/07/2022 17:00 – 18:30

The new AES Germany Research Colloquium aims to provide a platform to discourse on a specific audio topic and create a bridge between basic research, manufacturers and users in audio technology through a panel of experts.

AI in Audio – Controversy and Opportunity

Could a robot replace the sound engineer? Recent years have seen the emergence of intelligent systems aimed at algorithmic approaches to autonomous mixing and mastering of audio content. This talk will give an overview of the field, explanations and demonstrations of the technology, and a discussion of the challenges and directions currently being explored. We further discuss the role of AI in audio production, and what it means for sound engineering in future.

The Presenters and Panelists

Joshua Reiss – Queen Mary University  

Josh Reiss is a Professor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Queen Mary University of London. He has published more than 200 scientific papers, He is the author of Working with the Web Audio API and co-author of Intelligent Music Production, and the textbook Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application. He is the current President of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). He co-founded the highly successful spin-out company, LandR, and recently formed the start-ups, Tonz and Nemisindo. His primary focus of research is on the use of state-of-the-art signal processing techniques for sound design and audio production. He maintains a popular blog, YouTube channel and twitter feed for scientific education and dissemination of research activities.

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Hannah Baumgartner – Fraunhofer IDMT

Hannah Baumgartner financed her studies in “Hearing Technology and Audiology (MSc)” as a freelance camera assistant and sound recordist and graduated in 2008. As a scientist she worked at the Oldenburg computer science institute OFFIS and since 2013 at Fraunhofer IDMT in the Oldenburg hearing research. She has been active in the Association of German Sound Engineers (VDT) for many years and was also a board member there until June 2022. She was project leader for Fraunhofer IDMT in the 3 years SITA project (Speech Intelligibility Transformation & Autocorrection)

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Fritz Fey – Studio Presse Verlag GmbH

Fritz Fey, born in 1950, is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the German pro audio magazine ‘Studio Magazin’, which has been published monthly since January 1978. Fritz Fey started as a recording and mixing engineer in 1974, specializing in mastering since 2005. He also has worked as a consultant and designer in the field of studio acoustics since the mid-1980s.

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Alex Wankhammer – sonible GmbH

Alex is one of the founders of sonible, an audio company based in Austria best known for their A.I. powered plug-ins. He studied audio engineering with a focus on digital signal processing and Music Information Retrieval and has always been fascinated by the beauty of data that lies within music. After years of coding audio plug-ins he is now responsible for product management, marketing and business development at sonible.

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The colloquium will be held in English, with an introduction to the topic by Joshua Reiss followed by the experts’ remarks. The talk will end with a Q&A session.