AES Berlin Event Report: Immersive Audio as its Own Art

Venue: msm-studios GmbH & Co. KG

Date and Time: January 9, 18:30 – 22:00

Speaker: Stefan Bock

Participants: 30 people

Organizer: Angelika on behalf of AES Berlin

On the evening of January 9th, the walls of msm-studios GmbH & Co. KG reverberated with the transformative power of sound as enthusiasts and industry professionals gathered for the immersive event, “Immersive Audio as its Own Art.” The speaker, Stefan Bock – Director | Engineer & Producer from msm-studios, led a group of 30 participants through a captivating exploration of sound as a standalone masterpiece.

The workshop began with an invitation to step into a world where sound transcends its conventional role and becomes an artistic marvel. The concept of Immersive Audio as its own art was introduced, promising attendees a mind-bending journey of auditory bliss. Stefan Bock guided the participants through a completely different methodology.

The crux of the workshop lay in the understanding that the artistic impact of Immersive Audio is heightened when artists and engineers treat it as a unique art form in itself. Stefan demonstrated this concept through the discussion and presentation of four diverse projects that had embarked on their creative journey with immersive audio as a central focus right from the phase of composition and creation.

Throughout the workshop, Stefan encouraged active participation and engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas with the attendees. Questions were answered, insights were shared, and a collaborative atmosphere underscored the potential of Immersive Audio as an evolving art form.

Angelika, representing AES Berlin, ensured the event was facilitating an atmosphere of collaboration and learning. Attendees were not only spectators but active participants, engaging in discussions that delved into the intersection of technology and artistic expression.