AES SGS Research Colloquium #13: The Pan Panel: How To Do Panning for Immersive Soundfields?

Attendees: Andy Groves, Rafael Kassier, Yvan Grabit, Banu Sahin, Beat W. Hohmann, Christian Vaida, Tom Ammermann, Tobias Goldmann, Paul Neyrinck, Maurice Engler, Dave Tyler, Ralph Kessler, Roger Furness, Riku Jaro and Vaibhav Ahuja among others.

The recent research colloquium continued the topic of Immersive Audio, which attracted a lot of interest at previous events. Five experts in the field discussed the development and implementation of panning tools needed for the placement of sound objects in an immersive production.

Paul Neyrinck of Neyrinck started with an overview of the basics of stereo and multichannel panning. He went on to describe an innovative panning tool using the mobile phone as an interface.

Maurice Engler, Product & Project Manager/Training Expert at Merging Technologies, explained how panning can be implemented in a DAW workflow to achieve the most flexible process possible. He showed ways and points where the panning controller can be inserted into the bus structure, including the use of different panners for different output formats.

Yvan Grabit is team leader of a research group at Steinberg Media Technologies. He provided insights on how feedback from productions influences the development of panning plug-ins. He described historical milestones of the last decades, starting from a classic multi-channel approach to highly effective and dynamic panning approaches for immersive audio in live applications.

Dave Tyler, Audio Presales Manager with Avid Technology, has a lot of practical experience with panning tools. For his work, the connection and handling of the panning controller is of great importance. In addition, an object-based mix requires a different mixing approach than traditional two- or multichannel projects. Recent developments include the use of joysticks that can place and move sound objects in the horizontal plane and in multiple layers.

Tom Ammermann, CEO of New Audio Technology, explained how his many years of experience in producing multichannel and immersive projects helped him to solve the challenge of implementing an immersive setup in a DAW that had no multichannel plug-ins. He described and demonstrated the software solutions that resulted from this work.

We thank the experts for a really great event – very live, very interactive, full of adrenaline! We agreed to hold a follow-up event in the future!

A recording of the presenation is available on YouTube.

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