AES SGS Research Colloquium #2: Audio Production in the Context of Stereo-Upmix-Capable Playback Systems

Lukas presented work which he completed for his masters thesis. This started with an analysis of an upmix algorithm implemented on a smart speaker. With the knowledge, he developed five criteria that can be used as production guidelines. They make it possible to improve the music reproduction of the upmixing device by enhancing the effect of spatial audio while maintaining the compatibility with a standard stereo playback. This knowledge can be used by producers to optimise their material for spatial audio applications on smart speakers and soundbars. Lukas demonstrated various music excerpts from a self-designed piece of music in mono and stereo, which were upmixed by the algorithms in the smart speaker as part of his analysis.

We thank Lukas for this great presentation, the impressive demos and wish him all the best for the future.

A recording of the presentation is available on YouTube.

Find out more about Lukas’ work: