PhD position in Fundamentals of AI applied to Audio at QMUL

Prof. Mark Sandler informs us on 12/12:

I’m pleased to have been awarded a Queen Mary University of London Principal’s Scholarship to offer to a top quality, UK-qualified candidate to study with me and a colleague in Mathematics (Primoz Skraba).

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with mathematics and also knows some combination of acoustics, audio and music.

This project – under the banner of Artificial Neuroscience – will look at an emergent approach to Deep Learning that applies Linear Algebra and topology to weight and activation matrices in Neural Networks. This will be studied in the context of Neural Audio topics like Music Source Separation and Enhancement, Audio Temporal-Structure Decomposition (chorus/verse, etc) and Audio Synthesis.

Here is a link to our web site which candidates can follow to make an application. Closing date is 31 January 2023. The project description can be found here: scroll down and click on Artificial Neuroscience.

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Please note I work part time Monday – Thursday so there may be a delay to my email response. 

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