Wiki.AUDIO – An interactive encyclopedia of acoustics and audio technology

project name: Wiki.AUDIO
initiated, supported and funded by VDT, DEGA, AES Germany
as well as the universities of Darmstadt, Detmold, Düsseldorf

project targets:

– creating a freely accessible web based audio encyclopedia in the spirit of Eberhard Sengpiel.
– installing and programming a modern cloud service in (done in 2022)

– beta phase starts March 2023 @DAGA, Hamburg, with the first editiorial contributors and “patrons”.

– start for public contribution: Mai 2023 ,
where also a paper will be given about the project. Find the abstract here. Download the Presentation.

The group welcomes all interested individual audio experts, educational institutions and publishers to share their audio and acoustics related expert knowledge with the community.

The project group is happy to announce a job offer for student assistant position starting February 2023. (expires mid of January)

In case of interest, please write to webmaster(at)aesgermany*org to get the password for joining the beta phase project group