AES Germany member activities at DAGA 2023 Hamburg

Monday, 6.3.2023 is the start of this years DAGA in Hamburg… (programm)
AES members can also get the DEGA member rate. (Check out DEGA’s new “Acoustic Journal” issue)
In case you’re there be sure to check out Annika’s “Fachausschuss” as well as next Tuesday’s Wiki.AUDIO presentation by Dieter Leckschat. (Tue, 14:20 Room Y4)

Meet our board members Banu or Ralph either in the CCH or in AES Germany headquarter’s 3D audio lab (Early Monday Only). Tuesday evening is planned for a small social gathering. Pls. email us in case of interest.

Have fun with this Mega event for acoustics. 550 papers, posters, lots of great exhibitors in a freshly renovated, beautiful congress center. Welcome to HAMBURG !

Annika Neidhardt (AES Ilmenau) informs (via linkedin):

Next week at DAGA, lots of interesting new research in Virtual Acoustics will be presented:

In the current issue of the DEGA Akustik Journal, Jens Ahrens, Christoph Pörschmann, and I give a short overview of the DEGA Technical Committee on Virtual Acoustics and its activities (in German):

We also have an English version for you:

The TC VA will meet at DAGA in Hamburg next week, on Wednesday 8th March at 13:10 in room X11-12. We invite everyone interested in Virtual Acoustics. Please feel very welcome also if you do not speak German. And VA-Ladies, please come!

Thomas Sporer presents the paper

Quality Testing for AR and VR in MPEG-I Immersive Audio (de)

on Thursday 09.03.2023, 15:00-15:20, Saal X 5-6
more Details

AES members can contact us anytime in order to point to their research activities on this website as well !