AES Germany Presence in the Schoeps Mikroforum 2022

AES Germany board of directors Ulrike Sloma (Illmenau), Till Gerneth (Frankfurt), Ralph Kessler (Treasurer) and Banu Sahin (Chair) were present at the Schoeps Mikroforum 2022 to introduce the newly registered legal entity AES Germany e.V.Verein Deutscher Audio Ingenieur:innen (Association of German Audio Engineers), for the first time in public (see IMPRESSUM here). Attendees were encouraged to support the voluntary work of the association:

This is an open call to companies,
institutions and organizations of all kinds from the world of audio technology,
to manufacturers, studios, solution providers, developers,
universities, institutes and communities,
to support our work in the newly established nonprofit association.
Your support could be in the form of dedicated donations
or simply by providing us with facilities for a local event.
All this based on the premise that everyone involved
will take home a lot of new ideas, connections and opportunities.”

In the great atmosphere of Karlsburg Castle in Durlach, a full program of 2 days were well attended by many visitors with various backgrounds. In parallel to the presentations and the exhibition, participants could attend to listening sessions in workshop rooms. Some AES Germany members and ambassadors like Karlheinz Brandenburg (Brandenburg Labs – accompanied by Ulrike Sloma) and Stefan Bock (MSM Studios) were also actively presenting their work to the curious audience. Our treasurer Ralph Kessler was among presenters in one of those listening sessions with his product demonstration. For the full program please visit here.

AES Germany organized a get together event (Stammtisch) for the Mikroforum attendees in the Vogel Hausbräu Durlach, where people could know each other better and exchange ideas.

Participants had also the chance to visit the Schoeps Factory, where the world known microphone manufacturer shared some of their special secrets with visitors.

A special thanks goes to our VDT fellow Jörn Nettingsmeyer, who was wearing an AES t-shirt during his VDT presentation. Thanks a lot for your nice surprise, kind words and great support! We congratulate newly elected VdT board members and wishing all the best for their service to the Tonmeister community.

AES Germany would also like to thank Schoeps and its amazing crew for organising such a wonderful event and offering the best food in town. See you all in two years!